Making Time to Write

It’s early in the new year and I’m right where I need to be. I’m sat at my kitchen table with my laptop open in front of me, notebooks and diary notes strewn around me. I’m in my happy place. It’s a Sunday and I have nothing to do but write.

That’s not to say that the day hasn’t been filled with other essentials. The bathroom and kitchen have been cleaned. There is a wash load turning in the dryer. I watched the final episode of Cheer in bed with a cup of coffee this morning because I just had to know if Navarro won the division championship before I could even think about writing a word. But that’s okay. Those were not wasted hours. Because now I can shake off the day, focus on my words, and breathe.

My plan today is a simple one. Write a blog post (hi there!), write a rough draft for entry into the Tales from the Moonlit Path ‘Love Gone Wrong’ horror short submission, and add to my chapter plan. It is three attainable, satisfying goals, and all three will set me up for the week on a stronger footing than I would be without them. My resolution for 2020 was geared around me maintaining productivity without becoming overwhelmed, and I’ve come to realise in the last two weeks that I am finally able to breathe. Metaphorically – and often literally – I hold my breath while I rush through the motions of being a writer. My brain races through ideas spanning ten chapters, while at the same time considering social media and blog posts, potential short story submissions, and query letters. And then I wonder why I fail to work to the best of my abilities.

January has been a much-needed huff of oxygen to my writing practice. I’m organised. I’m pacing myself. I am allowing myself space to breathe. I trust in my inactivity, just as I trust in my ability to write the damn novel. I just needed a little space to fill my lungs.

And now I’m right where I need to be. Writing.

7 thoughts on “Making Time to Write”

  1. Do you write for attention or do you write for art. If art, keep writing; if attention there are easier paths.

    1. I don’t know of anyone who would write for attention. However, the social media aspect is something that all artists must utilise if they hope to make a success of their work in this day and age. I write for my art, and embrace the challenges and trials that come with it, including having to put myself out there.

  2. Have you heard of Amazon KDP? Sounds like we have different definitions of, “success.” Mine is quality dependent, not quantity.
    Es got nothing g to do w/ selling books or likes. But hey, may you find the success which you desire.

    1. I’m not sure what you think you know about my definitions of success and I’m not sure why you’re choosing to be passive aggressive on my post today, but you be you. Good day and good luck 👍

  3. It’s so comforting to hear what other writers think and feel. I think you deserve any break you get, what with working and writing AND having a life, so you feel refreshed and happy! Yesterday, I beat myself up for watching the latest BBC adaptation of A Christmas Carol instead of doing ‘something useful’. The result? An idea for a dark, witchy Christmas story, which I started writing straight away! So it was worth it for that alone – and also I really loved the adaptation. Life is for living as well as for working x

    1. I love this! And that kind of unexpected inspiration often leads to the best stories because it’s so exciting to get that spark. Love that you’re still in the Christmas spirit, too! 😆💕

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